Solidarity With NATO protesters.

Greetings fellow Anon’s and Occupier’s, and all those in between…

While this has come to no surprise, the NATO protests are already reaching a boiling point. As tonight we have already witnessed the Chicago Police Dept sending out a request for two water cannons deployed on Michigan Avenue, which the protesters briefly were able to close of the street completely. Just a few moments ago I witnessed cops on horses seemingly all too content with the destiny that has turned their hearts cold, trampling over protesters trying to intimidate. And you know what I saw during this? Protesters locking arms and holding their ground. A few even had Anonymous masks’ on, a few were girls who looked like they belonged safely off on the sidelines bravely charging cops with shields and on horse. All the while the protesters are chanting “Take those animals off those horses”, drowning out any attempts by the Chicago police to get a word in.

What I saw tonight watching a bit of the protest on UStream was everyday, average people fighting back and finally refusing to stand down. The NATO Summit is being utilized in such a way, and I couldn’t have predicted it more accurately. On the video I saw Mother’s, teenagers, elderly, the anarchists, every sort of person I feel is symbolically represented.

This is not a time to have our differences divide us, this is a time we all need to come together and rally around our brother’s and sister’s bravely in the street’s of Chicago risking their lives to make the one voice they have heard. Imagine, if every single one of us has a voice, let us unite and show the violent Chicago police, and the government big brother tactic’s that we are not gonna take this.

We are hoping to be able to extend a helping hand in any operation brought forth by the violent police tactic’s being deployed on peaceful protesters. We are also considering leading the charge on a campaign but we have to weigh the pro’s and con’s at the moment.

So what your one voice can do is, share with everyone you know what’s presently going on in Chicago, Tweet celebrities on twitter with the #SolidarityWithChicago #FuckNATO #FTP hashtags and get it trending. Also keep watching the live feed’s, and spreading the live feed links all relevant places. Together, we the people, are gonna take the power back.

Changing <3’s and mind’s,


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In light on recent arrests, and recent cooperation with the FBI on a certain someone’s part has led us to a strange and new time in our team’s situation While we welcome change, as it is to be embraced, we also have reestablished our security walls.

We are saddened how anyone could turn and become a filthy rat… but that’s the ages we live in now. Where brotherhood does not mean much when your looking down the barrel of some jail time. That is the price to pay though for being a black hat. We understand fully the risk involved with doing what we do, but we do not condone the police interjecting the way the have, and making it seem as though they had the upper hand in any way, shape, or form.

So, before the rambling continues, we are announcing OperationPigJustice… a new operation that has been in the planning stages for about a week now. We have all the details worked out, and here is how it will go.

Every week we intend on releasing no less than 8 DOX’s on police officer’s we feel justified doxing.

Every week we intend on releasing one database of a police dept.

Every week we will be launching a DDOS attack against a certain police dept.

These attacks will continue until we feel we have gotten our point across, we will not tolerate what happened, and we intend to show law enforcement from “Sea to shining Sea” that they are just as vulnerable as anyone else.

We are not afraid, we intend to fly in their ports, undetected and steal their databases, post personal information. 

They should expect us, far and wide.

We are AntiS3curityOPS.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Pigs everywhere, fucking expect us.

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We are AntiS3curityOPS.

We are posting what will become our weekly blog, something new we are trying out. We have been brainstorming ways to reach more people and a blog seems about right. We also have different accounts because ours get deleted all the time. Just today our Youtube account got deleted by youtube, for no reason. We realize we are a target, and these websites dislike the fact that we are active on their sites, but such is life. Luckily it takes 5 minutes to create email, and 5 minutes to set up new profile. We utilize social media to get our releases out to the public, and we wouldn’t where we are now without it.

In the past few weeks we have had some major computer troubles. One member had his laptop break, and hard drive crashed. Another literally has the keys falling off his keyboard. We have made some improvements. New laptops have arrived, one of us still has a haggard laptop, but we are working our best to fix that. We have been trying to keep up with our normal workload but sometimes in life, we all get behind, We are human’s, with regular job’s, and try to keep a normal life. We are now back on almost 100 percent again, we have been posting releases as much as we can, with the main course being some dox cake. Just a recap of some of our dox’s from the past few weeks…


Shap Smith (Vermont Speaker of the House):

Janis Manwarring (Keene City Council):

Kendall Lane (Kenne NH Mayor):

Entergy CEO Wayne Leonard: Link unavailable.

Harry Cleland (Northwest Regional cop in Pennslyvania):

Charles Tobais (Northwest Regional Cop in Pennslyvania):

We had a few more but can’t find links. We usually post more than this for releases, but considering our troubles lately, this is more than good enough for us.

We also want to remind everyone… We are AntiS3curityOPS, not AntiSec. We know our facebook page says AntiSec, but reason we post and clarify we are AntiS3curityOPS is because facebook won’t allow us to update our name. We know we make this quite clear, but we are our own vessel, sailing the seas.

Also again, we ask people to send requests to us at with tittle “Request”, otherwise we will probably mark it as spam. We have big things coming up, big projects, big announcements. We have more major improvement’s to our lazers, and are ready to fire upon those corrupt, and those in need of a visit from us.

This is a weekly blog we are starting, so expect a new blog next Monday.

Changing <3’s and mind’s,


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